'Finding an invisible truth'

The same energy exists in every human being. From birth, life evolves towards its destiny. Chilhood, as we know, is the time of awakening that guides our entire life. Our feelings and experiences, absolute banalities of the existence, then macerate, mature and settle.

The separation of parents is the first rift, then conventional acceptance, strangely tinged with hope : marriage, family, parenthood and the boredom of habit that slowly retreats into despondency.

Inner harmony is finding in oneself the source that enables us to model the world! there is a permanent feature in Christine Larivière's work ; every decision follows its accomplishment.

As a make-up artist, she discovered clay and the pleasure to create shapes from a simple, archaic, ancestral and mythological gesture.

The urge to express is omnipresent. After a slow contemplation, sculptures come to life; imperious need, expression of a sensivity to the world. In an energy controlled by doubt ,bodies writhe in ecstasy, faces muse, couples struggle, the people respond then the public orders.

Influences are present, showing a fascination to free oneself from the dogma of representation : Rodin, Bacon, Henry moore are major references, essential pillars of her work!

The St-Sulpice exhibition in Paris will reveal the universe of her nine years of research and creativity.

But we already perceive, in the metamorphosis of her talent, a potential work!

Richard KEMEREY - Translated by Marion GUERINET

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